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Since its founding the State of California has been the state of dreams where many people from different parts of the United States of America have flocked to follow their dreams. The state of California started as a settlement by the Spaniard Crown. There are many different missions in the state of California that were sent by the Crown in order to keep their claim to the brand New Territory. Most of California passed from the Imperial Crown of Spain into the hands of the country of Mexico.

However someone found what seems to be gold in the hills of San Francisco and many people headed to the west from many different places around the United States and eve from faraway places like china Argentina and Chile. Now in present times the Golden state keeps attracting many people that are following their dreams. California is the home of Hollywood, Disneyland in Orange County, and Yellowstone National park amongst others.

From San Diego to the San Francisco Bay area California is full of wonderment and things to see. You can find some of the most extravagant and fancy shopping places and many different restaurants that showcase many different cultures around the world. The state of California is a multi cultural state where you can find people from almost any nation of the world.

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